Tracing the history of our site

We are gradually piecing together the history of Four Oaks Common allotments with the help of members and friends.

It dates back over 100 years at least and we actually have an old map from around 1880 showing the field where the allotments now stand. Interestingly, the shape is still the same although there are now many more houses.

Victorian map of Four Oaks (possibly around 1888)

The land was acquired by Warwickshire Council on 18th June 1913, which, we believe, was by way of a legacy from the local farmer who died.

Another piece of the jigsaw has been kindly supplied by Denis and Jean Colley, who ran the social club, which is sadly now closed.

They think that the allotments were first set up in 1939 by a Mrs. Cope, who lived on Four Oaks Common Road, and the entrance was through the back gardens.

The clubhouse was an old war shelter, which later contained old bus seats from the Midlands Red garage in Holland Road, Sutton Coldfield.

Dennis and Jean have lent us this photo of the original wooden building.

The new building that you can see today was built in 1974 by members of the social club, which included Dennis.

If anyone can help us with more information, please get in touch with Philippa.