Polytunnel Guidelines


The following guidelines are for the users of the Polytunnel and are in addition to the rules laid down in the constitution.  

A member of the association will be elected by the committee to be the Polytunnel Manager, along with an Assistant Manager.   

The Polytunnel Manager will be responsible for managing the horticultural environment of the polytunnel as a whole (eg by organising any repairs to the structure).   

Health and Safety:  artificial pesticides and herbicides are not allowed, chemicals can be damaging to health. No petrol driven machinery is to be used inside the polytunnel.  

Any damage to the cover, to the polytunnel structure please notify the polytunnel manager,  or Assistant.

Users should take care not to place anything close to the polytunnel cover,(eg.  Bean canes) which could damage it.  

Beds should be well maintained, kept weed free and dead vegetation should be removed as soon as possible. Airborne bacteria can quickly affect crops in the beds.  Please also ensure that you weed in the gaps between your bed and the Polytunnel cover at the back and sides if applicable.  

Each bed is numbered.  

Leave all areas clear and tidy.  No Pots, compost bags, debris of any sort etc to be left in the Polytunnel.  

Any shared areas to be cleared and left in a clean order.  

Fees for the Polytunnel should be paid annually at Rent Time, i.e. October and should be paid to the Polytunnel Manager or Assistant.    

As you are part of a small polytunnel community;  please help your neighbouring plotholder by watering during holiday periods and respecting the crops grown by others.  Landscape fabric is available for purchase,  to control weeds when Beds are not in use.  

Dogs are not allowed in the tunnel.  Children must be supervised at all times.  

The doors must be closed at all times when no one is working inside the tunnel. During the evening and night foxes, birds, cats can access the tunnel if the door is left open resulting in possible crop damage.  A drop down netted cover for the entrance doorway is to be used during the summer months, this will aid ventilation instead of closing the doors.

 26.7.18 pdw/ew