Clearing the ground at the Falcon Lodge Community Plot

It’s not a lot yet but it means a lot to the people involved in getting this bit of land cultivated.

The photographs show what has been been happening at Falcon Lodge and what has been done so far. The surface weeds have been taken off and then deep dug before copious amounts of manure applied. So far potatoes have been planted and in the next couple or so of weeks we hope to plant runner beans and tall growing peas along the fencing at the back. On the adjacent wire netting the plan is to plant some tomatoes. As the potatoes are harvested we may plant some salads or dwarf french beans and leeks to occupy the vacant space.

So, you can see that progress is being made. The next section will have fruit bushes in.
The ground is very dry and quite tough to work so we have suggested leaving the digging for a while and concentrate on nurturing this small section.

Thank you to those who have donated potato seeds and manure. Runner beans, tomatoes, leeks, french beans and peas would be most welcome if you have any spare over the next few weeks.