Shed Shop

With the recent improvement in the weather and the days getting longer it seems that the new allotment season is about to get underway so I would like to remind you all about the Shed Shop and how it works with the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

We need to keep the Shed shop building closed so I suggest we keep last year’s arrangements in place. These seemed to work pretty well. For those of you who didn’t use the Shed Shop I will keep a plastic box outside the shed fully stocked with a comprehensive range of fertilizers and nearby there are stocks of multi-purpose compost, for those who want to get started by sowing a few seeds,  horse manure and eight foot canes etc.

Anyone who takes anything should email Robin with details of their purchases. I will keep a log of all purchases and then send out a monthly statement so that plotholders can pay by bank transfer. The “invoice” will contain our bank details.

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