BBQ Cancelled/Postponed!!

Fellow Plotholders,

I am really sorry but we have made the sad decision to cancel the BBQ we were hoping to have on Saturday 5th August.   The weather forecast does not bode well for us.  There are so many things to put in place before the event,  including the kind plot holders who have volunteered their help in erecting the gazebos and those who have offered to bring salads and desserts.  We thank you all for your kind offer.

We will check the weather forecast over the next few weeks and hopefully, we can give a new date for our BBQ, we will probably make it a mid-afternoon bbq as the nights will be drawing in.

When I send out the new notice of BBQ   Please take the trouble to reply and let us know if you will be able to make it.

Many thanks and our apologies,  don’t think any of us want to catch a cold hanging around in the rain.



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